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Download File:post-6071-1159442948.viDownload File:post-6071-1159442948.viDear Members

I am trying to build a VI for use with the Keithley 2400 Source Meter. My Intention is to Use a Linear CURRENT SWEEP and measure the voltage at each incremental level. Based on the vlaue of read voltage i want to control the direction of ramp i.e up or down.

The attached VI does everything correctly in frame 1 but when in frame 2 READ? is executed(i think 2nd time and thereafter)i get an indication on the Instruemnt

Error Code -410 Query Interupted

The graph does not show any values measured.

Can you please help to resolve the issue.



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Dear Group members

My basic problem which i want to solve is................Source a Current ramp and monitor voltage in real time(not at the end of the ramp or cycle), i want to compare the measured voltage against two threshhold voltages(set as constants) and control the direction of ramp(up or down).

I have a new file (attached with this post) which i downloaded from Keithley website. I modified it to work with my 2400. It works fine and sources the ramp and measures the voltage.

PROBLEM is that i get the measured data at the end of the cycle(all 100 or whatever number of points i set) so i cant compare the measured value against my thresholds in real time.

How can i get the measured voltage after every increase/decrease in the source current ramp so that i can then compare the measured voltage and decide when to change the direction of current ramp.



Download File:post-6071-1159462530.llb

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