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Connector Pane Terminal Indices

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nice tool, but since you saved in a library you might want to save with options and include the specific OGTK VIs in the library. Some companies won't let us use the whole toolkit, but individual VIs are okay.

Gee, I thought everyone had the OGTK ! :P Good point actually. :thumbup:

Here is the full .llb (with some diagram clean-up)



Download File:post-658-1162506452.llb

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Gee, I thought everyone had the OGTK ! :P Good point actually. :thumbup:

Sadly, some large companies have a legal department that is afraid of getting sued if they use open source code. They are worried that someone will put proprietary code into the open source, then after it is distributed the owner of the code will find out and sue. Naturally the suer would never go ofter the little guy who put the code in, lawyers don't bother with that, they go after whomever they can who has the deepest pockets, ie, major corporations. Sad but true.

Part of the reason for this is that most of the open source code that we would have available in LabVIEW is licensed under LGPL, which is overly long (what was it? 16 or so paragraph/clauses? ). There is a possibility of relicensing the OGTK using the BSD license, which is simple and lets end users do just about anything as long as they don't come back to sue the originals. :nono:

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