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Same User Library for different LabVIEW version

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Hi, Can anybody help..plz...

Brief Background:

I want to make our own functions and add it to user library under our defined subpallete. I got version 8.20 . And I have all ready developed one test function which is

using Call Library Function Node and get the data and display. And added under user library->Tect_Lc subpallete.


(1) User can have any version of LabVIEW. Is there anyway to build this library so that it can be used in older versions of LabVIEW without midifying?

If it is not possible then what best we can do?

(2) How can I make an installation version which can detect whether LabVIEW is installed in a perticular PC or not? If yes, then add Test_LC subpellet under User Library

it self which will have our subVIs under it? Is it all possible with Application Builder? Because we don't have application builder so if it is really require then we want to

buy that?


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To create libraries that are useful in multiple versions of LabView you have to develop in the lowest possible level of LabView you want to support.

Otherwise it sounds like you want to explore packaging your reuse libraries as OpenG packages and use VIPM to install them. There are a ton of options when creating your OpenG package such as a liscense display option, pre and post install VIs and many more. We've been using OpenG packages and LV 7 to keep our reuse library compatable across several versions of LabView for a couple of years now. VIPM lets you install packages from disk in its menu, and will recognize upgrades and will also let you fall back versions (if bugs are found).

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