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Trouble with ActiveX Created in LabVIEW

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I've created an ActiveX in LabVIEW by running the Application Builder on a VI and selecting the "ActiveX" checkbox. Once the App Builder executed, it created the EXE file as well as the tlb file. I've read in some NI documentation that to register the ActiveX, one just need to run the EXE once. I did that, and just to be sure, ran an application that registers ActiveX components that I downloaded from NI's website.

Now, to test the ActiveX, I've created a simple VI using the Automation Reference and browsing to the ActiveX created above. Wired the Automation Reference to a couple of Invoke Nodes. I've also probed the wire coming out of the Automation Reference control and get a NULL reference. I off course get an error due to that NULL reference.

It seems the ActiveX is not being registered, but I don't want to bias your guys' thoughts. What am I missing here?

Thanks a bunch.

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Have you opened the automation reference?




That's exactly what was missing. I figured it out yesterday. So much wasted time due to such small thing.


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