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Forcing and Excel window to the front from Labview

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Hi, first time post here. I've been using Labview for around 6 years now for production and test machine automation and think it's pretty good.

I've recently made a vi that turns opens Excel and makes an identical copy of a Labview xy chart so I can print it out or save it etc. I've got it all working after a lot of trial and error, courtesy of the rather random Excel VBA structures.

My last problem is in making the Excel window the front window. I've tried every variation I can think of in terms of minimising/hiding the Labview window and making the Excel window/chart/application activated/maximised etc but I'm still not there.

I've read about windows z lists and "bringwindowtofront".

Is there some way I can get an automation reference to the windows z list or whatever? I can't find anything in the Excel application ActiveX options to force Excel to the front.

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