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I needed to create upper and lower limits test based on our engineering spec. So I used the "Limit testing" VIs that came with my NI Developer system. Everything worked great when I created simulated data. The problem arose when I tried to use my real-time data with the upper and lower limits vi. I thought the problem was due to the engineering limits being on one scale and the realtime data on another. But resorting to "Limit Specs. for unevenly sampled data" didn't help. More than likely, it may be that I don't understand how to set this all up correctly since I've only been using Labview 8.5 for a month now.

> I have upper and lower limits values for psi values of 10, 20, 30 ... 100 psi.

> I read in 1000 samples as the pressure increases from 0 to 100 psi over the course of 5 seconds.

> thus, I have three arrays: 10 lower limit values vs corresponding psi values, 10 upper limit values vs corresponding psi values, and 1000 readings vs corresponding psi values.

Is the problem that one array is longer than the other two? I thought it would be an easy matter of one-to-one mapping of a Y value to a psi value on an X scale.

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