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Realtime PXI get name and reboot

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I'm working on a RT application that uses multiple a PC or PXI chassis. I would like to be able to read the assigned name of these for display on the host control machine. I would also like to add a control in my code that would reboot the desired PC or PXI controller without having to go to MAX. Can anyone supply me the commands that would need to be issued and what would be the best way to issue these commands? I have searched but can find nothing usefull. The host machine runs windows XP while the remotes run RT only. Presently working in LV 8.5

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QUOTE(akjohn @ Nov 2 2007, 10:13 PM)

..... read the assigned name of these for display on the host control machine......

I am using Compact Field Point cFP-2120 controller.

I found that there is a file "ni-rt.txt" on the controller which contains the accurate name of the controller. So, I created a VI to parse this file and get the name.

Since, you are also working on RT system, I believe the above mentioned trick will work for you too.

I hope this helps.

--- Ashish

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