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My CLD plan

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Originally, I wanted to do the exam with 2 months.

I change my mind after many people give me advice

My plan is a week or two after May5, 2009. Why?? Haha :P

Because I will get 200 dollars voucher on LabVIEW developer day will be on May5 at D.C. (I am living in MD, and I have already registered for it.) (.............I have a question, I registered online, but I still have not get official response/reply from NI. When I will get their official acceptance??)

A friend of mine gave me the intermediate I and II manuals. Yes, manuals only, not included any practice excises. Do anyone want to sell his/her intermediate I course kit?

I also borrow "The LabVIEW style book" by Peter Blume; and plan to read it after fisinh the course manual

Any suggestion? Any way that increase my chance to pass CLD?

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QUOTE (zmarcoz @ Jan 21 2009, 04:36 PM)


Meanwhile, rewrite resume, look for job, AND prepare SCJP (Feb 6)<=== $60 after student discount

JAVA is too difficult; and I cannot finish reading all material by today. :oops: And I need to reschedule the SCJP exam to Feb25. By the way, thanks so much for people who read my resume. I lose one interview because I can't work until Apr1. However, I should have an interview for a LabVIEW programmer job at the end of the month. Thanks for everyone :worship:

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