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Phil Duncan

Perforce integration headaches

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Hi all,

I have recently installed Perforce on our server (P42008.2) and Perforce Client (P4V/NTX86/2008.2/188141) on our developers PCs.

I then configured LV SCC, telling it to use Perforce Command Line and told LV where to find the server etc. I then moved an existing LV Project to my workspace folder and opend it in LV, right clicked on the top level VI and selected "Add to Source Control...". A window popped up showing me all the dependencies of the top level VI and clicking OK displayed a window telling me that each file had been added to the depot as " - opened for add". I click OK and LV does not indicate the files are in SCC.

I then switch to the P4V client window and submit the changelist (adding the VI and it's dependants to Perforce). I repeat this process for the .lvproj file and voila!, the project is in Perforce. Back in LV however there is no indication the project has been added to SCC (no check in/check out glyphs on project icons) and when I right click on the project, I only have the option to "Add to Source Control..." again????. Of course trying to add the project to SCC again thows up erros about existing files etc.

What am I doing wrong??

PS I am using LV 8.5.1, all PCs are win XP

Cheers & Beers

:thumbup: :beer:

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