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labview on startup

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Hi, I am new to using Labview so hopefully someone will be patient with my lack of experience using labview. I am using labview 8.5.0 on windowsXP and when I start up the software a window pops up that says it is installing the software for NI/Labviewwindows CVI 8.5.0 runtime. However, this was already installed. If I click cancel the window pops up and if I cancel that window Labview loads. I can't figure out why it wants to install this software when the runtime software has already been installed. Can someone please help.

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QUOTE (JustinThomas @ Mar 16 2009, 03:53 AM)

I have let the install run a few times and it has always returned with the same problems. It doesn't seem to be a known issue, from what I could tell looking at that page, I really didn't want to do a complete reinstall to try and fix the problem because that is at least a day's worth of work on the old computer I am working on. I will try and get in touch with the NI rep I think.

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