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Get Reference To All Controls

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About This File

Copyright © 2007, GTech Automation

All rights reserved.


Dave A. Graybeal

--see readme text for contact information


This code has been tested to run under LabVIEW 8.2.1. Unzip the code into any folder of your choice and open the example called, GetRefExample.vi. This shows how to use the 'Get Reference To All Controls.vi' as well as the 'Get Control Reference by Name.vi' to obtain a reference to all controls and how to search thru those reference to obtain the reference you want.


Get Reference to All Controls.vi

-Gets the references and labels to All the controls on the front panel of the calling VI.

-Is Able to search thru all Tab Controls recursively to compile a complete list of Controls from the front panel.

Get Control Reference by Name.vi

-Polymorphic VI that allows for searching list for single reference or an array of references.

-Gets a Specific Reference from the List of All Controls by Control Name(Label).

Get Control References By Match Pattern.vi

-Gets an Array of References for all Controls containing the regular expression in the label.

Change Log:

1.0.0: Initial release of the code.

1.1.0: Changed the Class ID of a Tab Control from a constant to a Property Node (To support Future LabVIEW Releases)

1.2.0: Added Get Control References By Match Pattern.vi (Authored By: Justin Goeres) Thanks!

Modified GetRefExample to Include the Get Control References By Match Pattern.vi

Improved some performace by removing unnecessary Items from Loops (Thanks JFM!)

Removed all Dialog boxes from VI's and replaced them with proper error output messages.

Added shift registers where necessary to ensure proper error is passed out of each VI.

Recompiled under LabVIEW 8.2.1.

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