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ImageMagick Batch Image Converter VI

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About This File

Copyright © 2006, Justin Goeres Engineering

All rights reserved.


Justin Goeres

--see readme file for contact information


This VI provides a simple batch image conversion interface to the ImageMagick 'convert' utility. It converts and resizes groups of images specified by the user (it was originally developed for organizing documentation screenshots).

Be warned that this is a pretty simple VI. It has basic error reporting & handling. It should serve as a starting point for people who want to explore the usage of ImageMagick with LabVIEW.

This VI is Windows-only (the registry lookup and calling syntax are OS-specific), but it would not be difficult to adapt to other OSes.


A working Windows ImageMagick installation.

Change Log:

1.0.1: bugfix (12/11/2006)

- Removed SCC .svn folders

1.0.0: Initial release (11/27/2006)

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