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Example - Create Polymorphic VI

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About This File

Copyright © 2006, Chris Davis

All rights reserved.


Chris Davis

--see readme text for contact information


This VI uses scripting to create a new polymorphic VI that contains the methods for creating any type of numeric control on a VI's diagram.

This VI is designed to help a newbie learn some of the basics of LabView scripting. As well as serve as a tool to make scripting easier to code.

Code was created and tested using LV 7.1.1 Code should work in higher LabView versions, but has not been tested there.

Version History:


Added code to make polymorphic VI's icons match thier intended numeric type.

Fixed a bug where an error 7 would occur because the polymorphic VI doesn't exist on the users machine to be deleted.


Re-release of code as LV 7.0 for more universal compatability. Changed code slightly to read empty polymorphic VI from disk, instead of using a constant on the diagram.


Initial release of the code.

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