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  1. The code underneath is definitely NOT thread safe. It's concerning the Text Manager, another subsystem of the LabVIEW GUI system and the entire GUI API is UI_THREAD since the Windows GDI interface, which these functions all call ultimately weren't thread safe either back then and may in various ways still not be. Windows has some very old legacy burdens that it carries with it that Microsoft tried to work around with the Windows NT GDI system but there are a few areas where you simply can't do certain things or all kind of hell breaks loose. Now I happen to know pretty much how this function is implemented (it simply calls a few other lower level undocumented LabVIEW Text Manager functions) and incidentally they are all still exported from the LabVIEW kernel too. When you use a user font it calls TNewFont() to create a font description, then it basically calls TTextSize() to calculate the Point describing the extend of the surrounding box and afterwards it calls TDisposeFont() to dispose the font again if it created it in the first place. For the predifined fonts it skips the font creation and disposal and uses preallocated fonts stored in some app internal global. So there would be a possibility to cut down on the repeated execution time of GetTextRect() call for user defined fonts by only creating the font once and storing it in some variable until you don't need it anymore. No joy however about reducing TTextSize() execution time itself. That function is pretty hairy and complex and does quite a bit of GDI calls, drawing the text into hidden display contexts, to determine its extend.
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