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  1. is posible to make my vi a .exe file and run it in a computer that doesnt has installed laview? thx for u help in advance
  2. hiya, i need ur help one more time.... the thing is i know how to export data, but i don know how to import data to a subvi i mean, like global variables. thx for u help in advance
  3. i found the, but i can make them work..... my vi needs to do the following things.... -DAQ Vac (220-440)...... -use that Vi to Calculate the 3dr,5th and 7th harmonic -and display it on a chart. im stuck at the second step, i have connetec the simulated signal to the autopower spectrun node and a secuential numeric selector at the # armonics node.... and connected the amplitude and frecuendi node to a simulate signal spot and it doesnt work..thx for ur help guys
  4. im simulating a signal 440v (sine) and i wanna calculate the 3rd,5th & 7thHarmonic... if any easy way to calculate them? and add some noise?
  5. Well... i need ur help one more time guys..... now im stuck at plotting: finnaly i can read values from a table and use correctly formulas node thx to ur help. I need to graph Torque/Kw: X axis (Torque Lb/Ft) and Y axis (Kw Kilowatts), i get the values from formulas and knobs but i need the graph to refresh it self every .5 sec and disscard old values and i mean like a histogram( Like ctl-alt-sup and networking LAN utilization). thx for ur help in advance one moretime.
  6. INPUTS = h and p OUTPUT = a ill use this syntax to move across a long constant array table. this is a Formula Node like C++ Programing ---------- if(h=40) { a=1; } if(h=50) { a=9; } if(h=60) { a=13; } if(h=75) { a=17; } a=a-p; ------- WHY THE OUTPUT IS ALWAYS THE LAST a VALUE? should i use switch-case if i have... can some post an example?.....Thx for ur help! ------------------------------------- By Sir ZRX!
  7. hi guys im a noob using labview, i have been serching the web for 3 days and i cant find any awnser , thx for ur help in advance. I need to create a constant table (or array) and read data from it (motor eficency): 90 95 96 89 85 90 85 70 50 thats a 3x3 array, and what i want to do is: * ill get the x cordenate from a pointer slide and the y cordenate from another pointer slide. * if the cordenate is (2,2) the output will be 85, and that number will be used to make some calculations in a formula. *the table will be 37*3. I have try, arrays, clusters and tables and i still ca
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