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  1. Hey guys, I've been programming on a compact RIO 9012 for a while and basically have my code 100% at what i need to do. What i've noticed is if i run the VI from my computer(the VI is loaded on the FPGA) i can then disconnect my computer and have the RIO function as the code is programmed. But if i reboot the RIO the code does not start up(or is ereased from memory, not sure) How can i make it so that every time i turn on the compact rio, it runs the code even if there is no computer connected to the RIO -Mike
  2. QUOTE(ned @ Nov 29 2007, 05:08 PM) Thanks ned, What i've realized the graph is doing is outputing the difference between the two signals instead of displaying two different plots for some reason. I can't seem to get the graph to not do that. any help would be great
  3. Hello there, I'm new to labview and am using the Copact RIO 9012 as well as the 9205 analog input. Attached is the code i'm currently using. I'm trying to take 2 analog inputs from AI0 and AI1 and send them over DMA to my host PC. Once on the host pc, i want to display it on a waveform chart as well as write the data to an excel file when i flip the boolean switch. As of now i have gotten the system working perfectly with just 1 channel.. AI0. WHen i attempt to add the 2nd channel things don't work out that well. I've followed the turtorial shown here: http://zone.ni.com/devzone/cda/tut/p/id/4534 I have my inputs hooked up to a 7.6V battery and a 20k pot to vary the inputs to confirm my input channels are working. If i hook up only 1 channel it displays that signal as one channel. When i hook up both channels thats when things get weird and don't act the way they should. What am i don' wrong here? I'm using labview 8.0 and plan on upgrading to 8.2 tonight if that will help me but i highly doubt that. Attached is my labview code i am using for the FPGA and the host as well as the output graph i was telling you about. I have only been programming with labview for about 2 weeks and am completely new so there might be something simple i'm overlooking but i'm currently stumped. Thanks guys.. Mike
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