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  1. Its okay i got it all working finally, i had to use a property node as i was plotting arrays of data across 5 different graphs bundled into a local variable. Sorry if that sounds messy my lingo isn't the best, anyway after many hours and the addition of a few shift registers i am up and going. Thanks for the help i think i have learnt more about programming of these fourms in a day than in an entire degree. Cheers Adrian
  2. Thanks for the relpy, i managed to create multiple arrays with the gradient split between them, all i have to do now is figure out how to plot a multiplot inside a for loop using a property node (i know this is simple but it just doesn't want to work for some reason). Thanks again Cheers Adrian
  3. Hello Everyone, I have recently started a new job which requires me to use Labview and i must say that my programing is a little rusty, so hopefully someone here can lend a hand. I need to create two plots on the one graph spiltting the source data into two seperate colors depending on whether the gradient of the x value is positive or negative, i have tried to create a mathscript node to govern this but am having no luck, any help anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Adrian
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