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  1. Hello everyone, The problem I have is when I place a DAQ assistant (express.vi) on a block diagram I am unable to open or configure the channels(voltage). Is this a software or hardware problem ? Kirk :headbang:
  2. Hello Everyone, We are having trouble opening the DAQ assistant to re-configure a "vi" that we currently use. When we "right-click or go to properties" the DAQ assistant tries to open but will not? Any ideas? Thanks, Kirk :headbang:
  3. Hello, I am trying to add a reset switch to a graph on the front panel that would be user friendly? (idiot proof!) can anyone out there help me ??? Thanks, Kirk :headbang:
  4. Thanks for your help. We were stumped. :worship:
  5. We are having problems with representing Strain outputs on our display. the strain input is a varing voltage which is to represent 5 volts = o strain, 0 volts = -2500 micro-inches Strain , and 10 volts = +2500 Strain. basically we can't seem to get the math formula right which will give us the true neg and pos values in micro-inches. :headbang:
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