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  1. Hello All, I am trying to create a re-triggerable analogue output with a PCI-6259 NI DAQ card. I have read that there are tricks to do this as the M-series cards were not designed for a re-triggerable analogue output, but you can accomplish this task through counters. Does anyone have any experience with this or some example code that could get me started. Thanks, Azazel LV 8.5, windows XP, PCI-6259
  2. Hello all, I have a question about working with large data sets. I am currently acquiring about 8Ms of data, splitting it into two arrays and processing it. I require this vi to be very quick for the hopes of a real time imaging system. I am currently implementing a 3 For loop system, but my processing time is still rather slow. The most inner loop is the actual loop that does most of the number crunching. The outer 2 loops manipulate the data to be the proper size. I have read that if you decimate your data into smaller sets, labview can perform tasks faster. I have attached a basic
  3. I forgot to mention that the code involves data aquistion from an Adlink PCI9812 4 channel An. Input card. Azazel
  4. Hello ladies and gents, I am having a problem with a VI that will not load properly. So here is what I did: I switched computers in my test set(upgraded to a faster computer), while doing this I also copied my labview files onto the faster computer. When I loaded up my VI, it asked for the directories where several sub VIs were located. The problem lies in the fact that when it asked for the Plv.dll call library, I accidently selected a VI library with ironically the same name. So now everytime I try to load the VI, it says there is an error "call library function node: function not found
  5. Hello, Damn this 7.1, since upgrading I have all of these new problems with my old working vi's. Has anyone else noticed this problem. My latest issue is with a while loop and stop button. I have my code inside a while loop with a "stop" button controlling the the while loop. In 7.0 this allowed me to stop my program at will, but now it says: Error 13 occurred at an unidentified location Possible reason(s): LabVIEW: Resource file not found. I don't really understand the resource applications of labview and was playing around with the tools->options->path menu tring to get it t
  6. It seems there are some new error handling capabilities in 7.1. In my old code when I was creating a path, but with nothing in the control string, it would sipple state <not a path> and continue on its merry way. In 7.1, a error window pops up with the same <not a path> stopping my code. I went to the options menu and turned off error handling dialoge box and the code works again. I guess this option would be good for some codes but not mine. Azazel
  7. Hello all, I recently upgraded from labview 7.0 to 7.1. Before the upgrade my vi's worked fine. After the upgrade my programs keep crapping out at a section in my code where I create a new folder dependant on user information. Has any one experienced this problem before? I think it is frikin weird and I can't figure out why this is occuring. Any thoughts?
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