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  1. Hi guys, I've looked at the histogram example that comes with Labview 8.5 evaluation version and am attempting to modify it to show the number of pixels in an ROI. If I want to find the number of pixels in the ROI that I have drawn when running the histogram VI, what functions and controls should I add? Many thanks.
  2. Hi. Can anyone help me with my previous questions? Thanks a lot!
  3. Hi. Can anyone help me with my previous questions? Thanks a lot!
  4. Thanks for your help, guys. And thanks for your hint Jim Krings. I will look into the link you gave and hopefully be able to solve the problem. Thanks once again. Will ask you all again if I'm stuck! :DHi guys,I have several questions that I hope someone can give me advice on.1.Jim Krings, you said that I don't really need to use NI Vision. Does it mean that I can just use Labview to solve this problem? I'm thinking to change the image to grayscale and then use Labview to count the darkest pixels for the area. How can I use Labview to do that?2.I have a video of the scope going into the throat
  5. Hi everyone, I have to do a school project that requires me to find the area and volume of a throat. I'm given the picture which I have attached here and I'm supposed to use Labview to find the area and volume of the dark circle (throat). The problem is, I'm totally new to Labview and have little prior experience with programming. I attempted to find out what Labview and Vision and Vision Builder means but I'm totally stuck right now. It's like being thrown into the deepest end of the pool not knowing how to swim. Would really appreciate if anyone can give me any help or point me to the righ
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