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  1. doesn't believe he needs a facebook account. :-)

    1. Michael Aivaliotis

      Michael Aivaliotis

      You don't want to be my friend? What's wrong with you!

    2. Francois Normandin

      Francois Normandin

      You really want to see the thousand pictures of my cat? ;-)

  2. is registered for NI Week 2010! See you in August.

    1. Michael Aivaliotis

      Michael Aivaliotis

      Can't wait to see you.

  3. LAVA 1.0 is no more

    1. Michael Aivaliotis

      Michael Aivaliotis

      A big Thank You! to all the LAVA moderators.

  4. Happy 41st Daklu!

    1. jgcode


      Happy Birthday Dave! Woot Woot

  5. never took time to dig in DAQmx Utilities palette before today!

  6. gives an informal LVOOP class to his colleagues Monday.

  7. LAVA 1.0 is "Serial" and "RS-232" free

  8. LAVA 1.0 "Shared Variables" free.

  9. LAVA1.0 is "Excel" free

  10. Funnily enough, LAVA1.0 is now "LAVA" free!

  11. will take the CLD exam at NI Week.

  12. didn't see any crows last year at NI Week.

  13. See you all in Austin next week.

  14. My luggage took the next flight. Lawn was confiscated...

  15. Last LAVA dinner at NIWeek: meet @ 7PM in Hilton's lobby.

  16. at Terminal 16: that's really over.

  17. Back from vacation. WOW, 5 pages of unread topics!!!

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