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  1. This is not strictly the answer to your question, but if you only use this for elapsed time, I suggest you switch to UTC time instead... There is no daylight savings time in UTC frame of reference, so you are certain it won't hit you. Also, here's a library (shameless plug) you might find useful: https://www.vipm.io/package/labview_open_source_lib_epoch_datetime/ It serves Unix, GPS and ISO time, including support for leap years (and even leap seconds... all 37 of them)
  2. It makes sense if one thinks of it as "6 letters added to the decimal notation".
  3. I typically use a second lvproj file, not for installers, but for the unit testing. The benefit is that I can segregate the dependency on the unit test framework (i.e. Caraya) from the source file that runs the build specs. Although, I don't know if that's super useful if you use a CI server to run both UTs and perform your builds...
  4. Networks Streams implement (and abstract) the concept of Quality of Service without the developer needing to add code for managing intermittent connections. A handshake ensures that all the data transmitted has reached the other endpoint in the order they were sent. Yes, it is probably just a buffer on the sender's side and some ACK replies from the receiver (and incoming buffer), bundled into a seemingly unidirectional stream. For sure there's an overhead compared to straight TCP, but I'm not sure the overhead is that large if you take into account the handshaking that you would need to reproduce the same QoS feature. TCP is more flexible and interoperable. If you need to add QoS to your app, and your app is all LabVIEW on both sides, then Network Streams make sense for reliable 1-to-1 high speed data transfers. If you send lots of small messages, an IoT protocol over TCP is probably more suited for the task (MQTT, etc.).
  5. Right-Click on the "Read From Text File" method and unselect "Convert EOL". The number "13" (0xD or Carriage Return) gives it away. If you look at the HEX representation of what you save and what you read from file, you'll notice the 0xD gets converted to 0xA unless you uncheck that box. Tip: If you deal exclusively with HEX/binary data, you might want to save it using byte arrays instead. The result will be the same in your file, but you won't get bitten by hidden config parameters in your node...
  6. Gave me a good laugh as well... but apparently this image is fake. Once you know it, you wonder why the medals on the sleeves are all pinned towards the down direction with the ribbon stying straight even though one general has his arms bent and the other one not...
  7. and perhaps even getting paid for it...
  8. We've been calling 3.9 with LabVIEW 2019 without a glitch. Not exactly sure what "support" means in this context. _ _ _ Different topic... If the statement below were a regular expression, wouldn't a "?" be more appropriate? It would stand a better chance of matching at least one element 😉
  9. I'm pretty sure I reported something along those lines during beta testing of LV2020, but it was, if memory serves well, when using malleable with interfaces.
  10. I've seen a similar error dialog accompanied with a crash report. From those logs, I gathered it might also mean that there is not enough contiguous memory available. Perhaps "Largest Available Memory Block" can be of interest as well.
  11. By all means! And may I suggest you look at the events page on LabVIEW Wiki. You can check out many presentations on a wide variety of topics, including scripting and design patterns. https://labviewwiki.org/wiki/Events
  12. The other account you are referring to (previous NI Weeks)... might that be the presenter account? I too remember having had to use a different account to submit abstract and upload presentation material.
  13. Hi Makrem, my guess is that your top-most VI is set to be "modal". https://labviewwiki.org/wiki/VI_class/Front_Panel_Window.Behavior_property To change the behavior, go to the VI's properties and chose "Windows Appearance". Then select the "default" behavior.
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