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  1. I did try the build array this morning, but now I got a 3d array and I think it made it worse. Im completely new at this, Like newier than newbie Im just trying to teach myself and learn collectively from alot of people. Thanks for your time. :worship:
  2. Ok. I have a string of concatenate and i need to get it to go into a write to spread sheet vi. Since Im new to this whole thing I could just be over looking something extremly easy
  3. The application is medical and mil, so I need presion. So im open for options. :headbang:
  4. Hey thanks im goin to try that today and ill let you know how it comes
  5. Hi I got a New task today, its seems rather simple in itself by Im lost. Im using the NI cdaq-9172 with a NI 9215 module. I need to measure some resistors for a job. The 9215 only measures up to 10k and the range im looking for is 1k- 300k. I was thinking about putting some voltage across each resistor and measure the current and just have the program do the math. The only problem is i dont know where to start, alittle lost :headbang:
  6. I cant seem to find the library to download
  7. I dont have the tool kit at my work, is there a way I can do it without the tool kit?
  8. Yea I got that to work. Im collecting all the data in my loop and I got it setup so it gives me the min/max voltage per channel and sends it to my excel folder. I cant figure out how to get a label along with the voltages though. Im just getting my voltages dumped into excel. So I have 2 questions. 1. How to I label these voltages, and 2. Is there a way I can tell the voltages what row and colunm to be dropped it?
  9. I need someones help/opinon on how to finish my task. I have my min/max values being exported into excel, but im kinda new and im not sure how to label each output. I kinda have a rough idea in my head but it seems like there has to be an easier way.
  10. Im trying to get the max. min and mean voltages from 2 inputs. I can get the data into excel but I only want to see min max and mean, i get a endless stream of voltages. Is there a way I can collect the voltages from that stream and get the desired output to excel?
  11. im pretty new to labview 8.5 and im trying to take some low voltage i/o inputs and log the data in excel, sad to say its not goin to well. Any help would be great.
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