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  1. Been working on a large project using by-reference classes (OpenG LabVOOP templates). Got into situations where I wished LabVOOP had native support for interfaces to reduce coupling between the different classes without having to create intermediate classes all the time; an approach one can only take so far since LabVOOP doesn't support multiple inheritance (which, btw, is fine by me: just gimme interfaces).
  2. Ability to run selected section of the block diagram without having to run the entire VI. This would be a useful debugging feature. Right now I have to select the portion I'm interested in, and create a new VI out of it (or a subVI, with the drawback that I can't easily undo the changes to the original VI) Would be nice to just be able to select a section of the block diagram of interest, interactively initialize the inputs or optionally use the default values, and run it.
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