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  1. First off i like to thank everybody in this forum that has given me help, it is much appreciated. the 200v will be running 16 devices connected in series with a current requirement of around 10-15 amps. I guess it looks like i am going to have to do a lot of research on MOSFETS and IGBT. If anybody has any good sites that has a great explanation of these devices it would be much appreciated. All and all thank yall once again. Yall help is more than expected.
  2. Hey. I am trying to control 200 volts using PWM. I understand that DAQ boards that i know of cannot produce 200 volts so i would need a seperate DC power supply. The only way of turning on and off this 200 volt source using labview that i know of is a relay, but i am wondering if there is a relay fast enough to process the PWM. Is there any other way of varying a voltage as high as 200v using labview? Any information will be helpful. Thanks in advance.
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