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  1. QUOTE(tcplomp @ Feb 28 2008, 09:09 AM) From MAX you cannot reboot into safe mode. You can only do a reboot.You cannot do format disk from MAX unless the cRIO is in safe mode.QUOTE(David Wisti @ Feb 28 2008, 09:38 AM) This does not answer your question but have you looked at the real-time system replication tools? This library is packed full of VIs for cRIO. Most of them are locked but you can look at the VI Hierarchy to find out whats going on inside. Already looked at the system replication tools. That is where I found the reboot into safe mode VI. However, that VI requires an IP address as an input.
  2. I have a situation where I need to remotely reboot a 9014 cRIO into safe mode in order to format the flash drive. NI has provided a VI to do this but it uses TCP/IP and the problem is that since the flash drive is unformatted, I cannot configure it with an IP address until the flash drive is formatted. Chicken and egg problem. I need a method to reboot the cRIO into safe mode using UDP only (I know the MAC address). When the cRIO boots up with an unformatted flash drive, it says it is in safe mode but it is not the same safe mode as switching the DIP switch and booting. If this seems confusing why this is even possible, I have to reconfigure the cRIO after being wiped clean by a sanitizer and it is a real pain to get physical access to the cRIO.
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