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  1. I want to ask that if I want to design my own control how can i do?
  2. Hi Dear, OK, now i try to study about remote panels, and I want to create it by using in the local network and over the internet, so can any want recommence me? some example, or some books that talk clearly about this? thanks.
  3. Ok, I know, but i want to ask that went i created it already in labview 8.x, after that i copy it to other computer that have no labview program, how can i do if i want to run it in that computer?
  4. Dear all, I can build the application from vi to exe, but it also need the Run-time for run this exe file, so i want to run it on computer that have no labview and have no labview run-time, how can i do?
  5. I use PCI 6024E, with connector box SCB-68. Now I want to use other temperature sensor LM35, beside temperature sensor on NI board, mean I want to connect to new, with the other anlong input, so how can i do? pls give me the advice, or give me the circuit for this sensor. Thanks in advance. Mithona
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