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  1. Indeed, that works without the use of a batch file. Thanks for the tip!
  2. Hi to all, I'm trying to launch the Disk Defragmenter (C:\WINDOWS\system32\dfrg.msc) from LabView, but via several attempts I have only gotten the Windows error 193 (invalid Win32 application) or a floating command (DOS) window. Here is a summary of the inputs and results for System Exec for the tests I've tried: Command Directory StdIn Result dfrg.msc . (blank) Error 193 "C:\WINDOWS\system32\dfr
  3. Hello coders, I have recently encountered a problem very similar to the ones described here, but with another variation. At this point I have simplified my application to the following: -Have a list of plugins which are "Always Included" in the Build Specs -Main program waits for user to push a button to run a plugin -Program opens a VI reference for the plugin, opens the front panel, and closes the VI reference. In the IDE, I can repeatedly load the plugins in any order without receiving an error. In the executable, I can load any of the plugins at least once without error. However, aft
  4. Thanks for the tips. I had a feeling that the real CLD exam must be a good bit tougher than the sample exams, but it's a little more nerve-wracking now not knowing what to expect. As you said, I'll probably be too preoccupied trying to meet the specs to worry about extra features. Thanks again for the advice. I've still got plenty of time to dig up more materials and do some studying, but I'll be sure to send a celebration post once I get the good news!
  5. Hi everyone, I am a relatively new LAVA member that has been using LabVIEW for ~5 years. I'm preparing to take the CLD Exam next month and have some questions concerning the best practices for the exam. For the most part I am wondering where embellishing will help to improve my score. I've read the preparation materials, but there are still some ideas that I'm curious about. I'll list some examples, using the "Traffic Light" sample exam for specifics. In each case I would like to know whether doing the suggested would help, hinder, or have no effect on my score. - Make the front panel look
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