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  1. Hi! My bigger problem is solved i think but now i'm stuck with the following: I have a while loop nested into a true/false case structure. If i change the true/false input, the change only comes if the inner while loop is finished...this is normal, but i would need a way to do the 2 processes parallel. So if i change to input to false, the while loop would be ignored and the process would stop immediately! Please help me solve this! Thanx!
  2. Hi! I want to design an application with a number of inputs an two buttons. The task would be to set the inputs then press a button, then enter new settings, this has to continue until the other button is pressed. The values of the inputs are to be put into an array and the index is increased if the button is pressed. So basically I have to fill a table with values based on the given inputs and the new values are entered after the button is pressed, and the other other button stops the process! Please help me! Its urgent! Thanx!
  3. Hi! I'm relatively new to labview! I have to make a 2d array from a binary streem input(from serial port). The task would be to build a 2d array, in a way, that data from the port is written into a column until 0 value is read then into the next column until 0 and so on.(so basically streamed data between 0 valued bytes would form a column.) Approx. 650 rows and 270 columns would be needed! Please help me if you can! My greatest problem is with building an array with indexing based on a condition! Thanx!
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