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  1. In retrospec, this question would probably be better to ask on the NI forums since an engineer there might know the internal workings. So I have posted it there as well.
  2. When I try and create an installer it claims that three of the required run time installers do not exist on my system. It is requesting the 8.5 Run-Time, DAQ-mx 8.6 and Sound Vibration Run-Time. Additionally I know I also need the TDMS installer as well. But my list of "Additional Installers" does not seem to be filling out properly. It only contains the LabVIEW 8.0.1 Run-Time Engine, LabVIEW 8.2.1 Run-Time Engine and LabWindows CVI 8.1 Run-Time Engine. I know I should have more and a quick look in the ProductCache folder shows the following directory listing with MSIs in all of the important ones that I checked. Directory of E:\Program Files\National Instruments\Shared\ProductCache CVIRTE [8.1.1] lv80rte mkl700 NI Certificates Deployment Support [1.01.49153] NI LabVIEW RealTime NB-FIFO [8.2.1] NI LabVIEW RealTime NB-FIFO [8.5.0] NI LabVIEW Rutime Engine [8.2.1] NI LabVIEW Rutime Engine [8.5] NI License Manager [3.2.1027] NI Logos XT [4.9.0] NI Logos [4.9.0] NI MDF Support [2.51.87] NI Service Locator [8.5] NI Sound and Vibration [6.0] NI TDMS [1.1.0] NI Uninstaller [2.51.87] NI USI UFF58 Plugin [2.2] Even a look at the "Software" section of MAX shows that I have the LabVIEW Run-Time 8.5.0 installed. Any thoughts on how Installer gets its list of installed components? I'm not real interested in doing another full install of LabVIEW DAQ-mx, SV Tools, and DIAdem just to get my installer to recognize them.
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