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  1. Hello! Searched through the forums and nothing found for this topic. --------------------------------- I have a program that reads data from PCI board memory. Stuck with using CIN's and decided accomplish this task with Call Library Function Node. --------------------------------- I use linux Ubuntu kernel 2.6 and program C code, LabView 7.1 i specify -lpci library for compiling my code. and use header file included. --------------------------------- 1) How to pass to Call library function node - parameter which is defined in "pci.h" as a structure with pointers? 2) Do I need to write wrapper for it ? If so is there well manuals? 3) Can I compile my entire program (which uses functions defined in pci.h and in library libpci.so) as a shared library .so and call functions directly from my library? or I should call those functions only from libpci.so separetely? P.S: I use mmap( .... ) function for returning pointer to memory with data on device. Thanks in advance.
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