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  1. hi all, i want to write a tiny program which tells if the number the user entered is negative or positive or zero and also if its positive or negative. so easy to do positive-negative part, i just used the select VI. But i cant use the same VI to make the program determine if the number is positive or negative or zero because there are 3 cases. you are right i tried case structure but i have no idea where and how to enter conditions in case structure, like "if the number is greater than zero then execute"...anyway i know u dont understand nothing let me just upload what i did...i use Labview
  2. Whatever...it was a mistake creating such a topic in this forum. You all are dumb except Aristos Queue and Gavin Burnell... I can't believe you how can't you undersatnd my simple statements and questions...Ban me or do whatever you want for saying that you all are stupid..I'm not gonna keep being a part of this forum...So you can easily ban me i dont care... I owe a polite thank you to Aristos Queue and Gavin Burnell anyway...And the rest are real stupid...go read books or do something to make ur brain run and to be open-minded....
  3. QUOTE (tcplomp @ Apr 19 2008, 12:46 PM) Absolutelly not. The program you sent is not what i want to write in LabVIEW. QUOTE (Gavin Burnell @ Apr 19 2008, 11:59 AM) The broader question is why? LabVIEW is great for many things, but writing console programs is not one of them. ok people, Dos was a reference point. I mean I'm just trying to find out what i can do using LabVIEW and what i can't do. I was curious about if there is some limitation on LabVIEW that stops me from creating very different things than just creating programs about measurements and data acquisition. I think you wo
  4. Hi all. All I'm dying to know is can I creat a dos-based program in Labview which runs under dos or in a dos window under windows. I'm not talking about calling external codes or something. Let's just say i want to write a program which shows "hello world" on the screen in dos. I really want you to understand what im trying to ask very well so im gonna give an example from C++ and Pascal and let u all consider that i want to write the same program in Labview that gives the same output. In C++ main (){ cout<< "hello world" endl1; system("pause"); return 0; } in Pascal begin Wrtie
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