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  1. Hi, effectively, it worked! Thanks very much! Alexis
  2. Hi, Thanks for you answer. you didn't miss something because i didn't know this facility. I tried to use it but without success. what i have done is simply put as a constant for the command line test.exe (the name of my executable) and put as constant for the directory path D:\ (where test.exe is). But when i execute it, i have the message: error 2 : the exec command was test.exe Labview: the memory is full NI 488: any auditor detected during the write Have you got an idea what i could do for solving the problem ? Thanks! Alexis
  3. Hi, thanks for your answer. This function seems good to create a new directory, but by this way i have to fill it as a command... What i would like to do is to create automatically a directiory name like that principalpath_DATE with principalpath which is a constant chain and DATE would be a chain that i would fill in an other field on the user interface... Is it possible to interact like that ? I was asking the question about OS because i didn't yet choose if i'm going to use Linux or Windows, i have seen on documentation that Labview under Linux can understand the UNIX shell commands and so could be very useful...?
  4. Hi all, This is what i'd like to do: Before running a data acquisition, i'd like to enter as input in a user interface the date and then, when i would start the acquisition, it would create automatically a directory which the name would contain the date value in order all my result files would be put inside. Do you know if a such thing is possible in labview ? Is it more convenient to run under Linux or windows ? Thank you a lot in advance! Cheers, Alexis
  5. Hi, Doesn anybody knows if it's possible to write an interface in labview and to call a visualc++ application by clicking a button ? Thanks very much in advance for any help! Cheers, Alexum
  6. Hi Todd ands louis manfredi, it seems that i don't have the same options with the right click, maybe my version is too old. Anyway, i took an initialyse array instead of and a graph. And it works very well, thanks very much. Only one thing more, on my graph, i can see for each value incoming, a triangular pictured. Do you know if it is possible to have a rectangular instead of ? Thank you very much, Cheers, Alexum.
  7. Hi, thanks again for your answer. I just to give a try but i have 2 problems. The first one is about the array at the left side. I have created an array as a constant. It has the same aspect than your but not in blue and i cannot see the zeros inside... Moreother, i cannot find how to put the blue arrows on the structure ? And my second pb is that i cannot find the waveform Graph that you indicate. If i click on the pannel Gragh, i don't see any symbol corresponding to yours...?surely, i did'nt look at the right place or something like that ? (i tried also to search in the pannel Waveform). Thank you for your help. Cheers, Alexis
  8. Hi, I couldn't see your answer before, i will try your suggestion as soon as possible. I thank you very much for your help! Cheers, Alexis
  9. Hi everybody, I'm a total beginner in labview and i work on an experience that takes data by acquisition. I'd like to create a graph that works online, i mean that update a graph every time that data is coming, puting the value received in x axis, and in y axis, the statitic on the values increasing...The best thing would to have an histogramm, i mean to create also a binning for this graph. I have no idea how to proceed, do you know if it is possible ? Thank you very much in advance for you help. Cheers, Alexum.
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