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  1. From PaulG: "can't believe so many otherwise intelligent PROGRAMMERS can be so flippant about cooking data, manipulating data, using "tricks" on data, hiding data and DELETING data for nefarious purposes." The articles I linked to discuss the global cooling of the past 10 years argument which happened to be mentioned by you and are also related to the problem of manipulating data, and using tricks on data concerning the intelligent programmers quote.
  2. Here are some interesting articles related to your statement. But all of us "intelligent programmers" are experts on the climate right? http://arstechnica.c...he-beholder.ars http://arstechnica.c...-statistics.ars
  3. FLAnatic

    Alfa String

    QUOTE (PaulG. @ Jun 4 2009, 11:49 AM) Do smart,wise, intelligent and educated people have to resort to using a Straw Man? :-)
  4. FLAnatic

    Star Trek

    Just in case someone hasn't seen it: http://www.theonion.com/content/video/trek...e=most_pop_dugg
  5. FLAnatic

    Alfa String

    I would say that those who posts in threads that they themselves created just to keep the thread alive after everyone else on the board has lost interest are half-cannibals and are at animal level.
  6. QUOTE (Maca @ Mar 12 2009, 10:55 PM) I'm pretty sure he meant Omnipotent. He is...... Omnipotent after all..... which would also make him Omniscient I assume? :-) QUOTE (Maca @ Mar 12 2009, 09:43 AM) I have a question Crelf......... Do you actually do any "work" while at work? You always seem too come up with all sorts or weird (but always funny) stuff, where do you get it all from? I forward on most of your finds and my boss ups me because "I must just sit around surfing the net because of all the shit I forward on" Perhaps you are a lot smarter than me and don't forward your finds to your boss, one day I might learn, one day. I would assume he has been contracted to design an algorithm to mine for funny youtube videos and post them on lava and implement it in LabVIEW to increase morale in the LabVIEW community. He is merely testing it out. It looks like this may have backfired and some morale seems to have decreased.
  7. QUOTE (Aristos Queue @ Feb 2 2009, 08:08 PM) Q: What would you call a program written to take the CLAD test for you? A: AutoCLAD
  8. I was wondering what is the typical screen resolution used in the industry for programming on the block diagram? I assume if you are working in a group of developers, all of them would be using the same resolution? Typical style rules are to try to maintain your block diagram on a single screen, and if not that, make sure you only need to scroll in one direction. But as many of you have probably experienced, what you can put on a "single" screen is different depending the the resolution of the environment, for example I was given a program from another developer that was created using a widescreen monitor. This is not his fault since he was probably not told otherwise, but it makes looking through his code a chore for me.
  9. QUOTE (neB @ Dec 3 2008, 12:56 PM) Assuming now that he was using a single monitor...Ctrl-E alone should take that extra hand out of his pocket.
  10. QUOTE (Minh Pham @ Dec 2 2008, 10:36 PM) Well you never know, there could be people out there for whatever reason found that they worked better on a single monitor. While overall the forum highly recommends the dual monitor setup, some people have pointed out certain issues they have had with it.
  11. QUOTE (pdc @ Dec 2 2008, 01:44 PM) How can I say no to that?
  12. I have been wondering if anyone has tried developing LabVIEW applications using a dual monitor setup, 1 monitor dedicated to the front panel and the second monitor dedicated to the block diagram. I have not tried this myself but have wondered whether it would increase(or possibly decrease) productivity while coding and debugging.
  13. I have been programming with LabVIEW for several years and I'm at the point where I would like to eventually become a CLA. I would like to take the Intermediate I+II and Advanced architecture courses to firm up what is necessary to pass the certification exams and just improve my programming style and knowledge in general. There are a few options for the training including instructor led, self paced and online courses, based on the course material covered, are there any differences that might make me choose one or the other or are they identical in that respect?
  14. QUOTE (JustinThomas @ Sep 18 2008, 09:31 AM) You are correct. I just tested your theory out by running a named queue in a loop in one VI and then created a second VI which obtained the named queue and then released the Queue. The queue in the original VI wasn't destroyed unless I set the Force destroy to "True" otherwise it kept running normally.
  15. QUOTE (crelf @ Sep 18 2008, 09:23 AM) That's probably it! Thanks.
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