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I've got nothing to say.

well, ok that's not quite true. How about:


I like to consider different peoples' perspectives on things. I like to instigate controversial discussions.

I like to dream up and examine new ideas and learn from the outcomes of old ones.

I like LabVIEW. I also want to work on controls systems design, PCB layout, embedded systems, image processing, etc.

One idea I would like to share is a concept of a mental fitness gym where members could visit to work on different types of puzzles, problem-solving challenges alone or in groups. This could be done in a combnination of online or physical locations. How I came up with this is I like to exercise both physically and mentally (one reason I like sports), but sporting events aren't always convenient to participate in as often as one would like. For example, ice hockey. There are leagues one can join but one becomes obligated to meet their schedule or let your team down. There are pick-up sessions but they are often over-crowded or infrequent.

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