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    hi, Can plz Tell me at least one pda example model. which will support the serial communication with oter device using with Labview PDA Application. hi, Can u plz tell in the below connector RS-232 (DB9) , can i use for serial communication PDA ----> to-----> My Micro controller device. is it also work for sync purpose of Pc -----> to Pda to deploy the application using com port of pc. please tell me with ur experiance 06-13-2008 11:26 PM
  2. hi, can u please tell me i want communicate my microcontroller devicewhich have the rs-232 port, using pda with a labview application. 1q) the serial sync cable Can i use serial communicaton b/t PDa and my microcontroller device? fIfserial communication b/t pda and other device , is thier an USb to serial converter is require. Can u plz sugget the pda model and conneter for above requirment
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