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  1. QUOTE (BobHamburger @ Jun 29 2008, 01:32 PM) Hey Thanks, this was exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately it helped me figure out that the MSP430 won't send 0x00 so it still doens't work but at least I know it isn't Labview. Thanks again.
  2. Hello fellow Labview users, I am building a GUI using Labview to display the status of a microprocessor circuit I am building. The data is being sent via a serial link from the microprocessor to the computer with my GUI. I am using VISA Read to bring the data in. I am able to get all the information I need across unless I try to send the byte 0x00. Any zeros bytes are ignored by the VISA Read completely. Shown in the two images attached are the VISA Configure Serial Port setup I am using as well as how I am bringing in the information with VISA Read. I will also include the vi but I i
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