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  1. QUOTE (Darren @ Feb 23 2009, 10:18 PM) because the solution is more elegant in a EXE You're solutions is a nice work around, but in the dutch we call this a little bit "Een houtje touwtje oplossing "( a log and a string solution) I hope in the future the analyser Vi's can be used in a executable program.
  2. QUOTE (Darren @ Feb 19 2009, 09:09 PM) oh really? That's a bummer, because the core of my tool is the usage of those vi's. Are you really sure that there is no possibility to use those vi's in a executable? (some hack maybe?) You're wright in that there isn't any documentation about that the analyser vi's won't work in a excutable. I must consider my thoughts in a moment of silence if anyone have a idea, its more then welcome
  3. Hello people, I've a question about a program i wrote to analyse vi's in combination with the vi analyzer toolkit. The program works fine in the labview development environment, but in a frustrating matter when i built a executable of it. Its skips his analysing part of the tool. There are no strange errors and other things like building the diskstructor for the testing results work just fine. Only there are no test results because he skips the testing, but when i run the tool in the development environment there are testresults of the vi's that are tested. i've tried manythings, unfortunale
  4. Hello, You all know the vi Analyzer tookit and Ni wrote a special driver check extention plugin for it. My idea is to write some extra test and add this to the vi Analyzer as a new plugin. Has anyone a idea to implement a plugin to the vi analyzer? Or has anyone did this before? i'm interrested in any posible sollution. greets JB
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