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  1. IPX-1M48-G camera is a GigE camera based on the iPORT protocol which pre-dates GigE Vision ( GEV ). IPX-1M48-V is their GEV camera. So I have sent this camera back for an update, hope it works. Thanks.
  2. QUOTE (James N @ Jul 21 2008, 08:31 AM) Thanks. It is of great help to me. But I followed your instruction. Power and cable connection is OK. The camera does not appear in the MAX configuration window under My System»Devices and Interfaces»NI-IMAQdx Devices. I even did not find icon NI-IMAQdx Devices. Here are some troubleshooting steps using GigE camera http://zone.ni.com/devzone/cda/tut/p/id/5846 There are five cases might cause this problem. I checked one by one, but it seems the solution does not work. My camera is IPX-1M48-G and it works well with its own software. What's wrong
  3. Hello, I have a GigE Camera which is connected to computer through Ethernet Cables-RJ45. I am using LabView version 8.5 and have installed Vision Acquisition Software. Now I am tring to grab some images and do analysis, but how to let computer detect this camera? Thanks
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