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  1. All the keynotes are now available at http://www.ni.com/ni...note_videos.htm
  2. All the latest PXI news and events will be tweeted from PXI (http://twitter.com/pxi) Also use the hashtag #pxi for any pxi related tweets at NIWeek Looking forward to seeing you all at NIWeek!
  3. Hello Lava members, Interested in keeping up to date on the latest PXI news at NIWeek? I will be twittering this year at the convention center with updates on the latest sessions, demos and news featuring PXI. I will also try to share some some additional, behind the scenes exclusives from the show. Visit www.twitter.com/pxi to see the latest news and sign-up for the updates to be sent directly to your mobile phone. Not familiar with twitter? Learn more at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twitter Regards, Matt
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