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  1. @KR: Can you give me some additional info on how to use OPCWare with LabVIEW? I'm totally stuck after downloading the demo software. There are no LabVIEW examples to be found :-( Also I don't fully understand the licensing model: If I develop an application on my PC (and therefor install the license on my PC), can I then deploy it on the customer's PC? Does the customer's PC need another license? I've got the same problem as the thread starter: I have to write 300 to 400 Items and using data sockets it takes between 5 and 10 minutes(!). Any help would be very appreciated. TiA, pro Edit: As this thread is rather old: Does anybody know of any other solution to this problem? Edit2: I just stumbled across http://www.deltalogic.de/content/view/21/38/lang,en/ - sounds promising...
  2. Hello, I could need some input on this problem: I want to set any kind of property (specified by name or similar) of some (found via label) of the controls that are found via the "Controls[]" property of the front panel without having to manually specify a Class Specifier Constant depending on the Class Name of the control and without having to put each and every Property Node that I would ever want to use in a huge Case Structure. Reason: I want to have front panel elements registered under their name (label) automatically when loading various VIs and then be able to change properties of those front panel elements from another VI just by specifying the name of the control or indicator. Perhaps the attached screenshot can explain better what I'm trying to achieve... Edit: The black VI in the middle of the screenshot should do all the magic, as dynamically as possible TiA, pro
  3. Thanks a lot to all of you. I'll be able to test these things sometime next week, and I'll be happy to share the results here. Regards, pro
  4. Thanks a lot for the link! Now, does anybody know how to apply that cRIO magic to a PXI system?
  5. Hi all, are there any possibilities to bind LabVIEW RT Software to a specific RT system (a NI-RIO rack)? We'd like to prevent our customers from using our software unlicensed by simply copying it to new NI-RIO racks. I'm thinking about something similar to the Volume Serial Number that can be accessed on Windows systems via kernel32.dll. BTW (slightly related): I can't find the file "generateComputerID.exe" (mentioned on http://forums.ni.com/ni/board/message?boar...hread.id=88461) on my system (8.2). Perhaps a version issue? Thanks in advance, pro
  6. QUOTE (neB @ Aug 27 2008, 07:50 PM) Hi neB, thanks for your answer, which unfortunately does not work for us. I'll try to explain in detail what we were trying: We need to load multiple instances of reentrant VIs dynamically via "Open VI Reference". As it seemed not possible in RT to place break points in reentrant VIs that are loaded dynamically we had no possibility to directly debug these VIs. Furthermore, as LabVIEW couldn't find the VIs-to-be-loaded we copied them manually to the RT system via FTP and changed the path information to have them loaded from that new location. That's why we could find no way to see wether the vi was loaded and - if it was loaded - what was going on in there. Today we realized that in the exe creation dialogue we can define which files are to be loaded dynamically ("Source files" -> "Dynamic VIs and Support Files"). The exe creator obviously copies also those files to the RT system (at least our application worked again afterwards). The good thing about it: We're now able to open the files that are loaded dynamically in the project explorer and we're also able to debug them. The bad thing: We need to deploy those files manually after each change. Thanks again, PR
  7. Hi there, does anyone out there have any suggestions how to debug reentrant VIs in RT? So far we couldn't figure out any feasible way... TiA, PR
  8. Martin, thanks for your reply. I'll look into that. PR
  9. I wonder if anyone has already implemented a "driver" (rather a collection of functions) for Maxon Motor's EPOS2 Positioning Control Unit [1] that uses PDO Can Communication? TiA, pr [1] http://www.maxonmotor.com/2288.html
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