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  1. I tried to modify 'Count digital events.vi' but I get errors. What counters should I use? I got a DAQCard-6036E. edit: Dont know why the preview of the screenshots are black but they work if you click on them.
  2. The VI looks like this and I want to know how many pulses where generated How can I do that? Im using counter: Dev1/ctr0
  3. Im using a counter to generate a digital finite pulste train. And I got a stop button so the user can stop the generation of pulses. This is done with a while loop that runs while the task is not done and the user have not pushed the stop button. But how can I calculate how many pulses the counter generated?
  4. Thank you. Any chans anyone can save that VI in LW version 8.2?
  5. Hi, I got a signal that looks like the attached file and want to get the indexes of the measurements in that signal. In the attached filed I got 6 measurements and want to cut out them out and process them. Is there a VI that finds them? Ie finds were the signals raises from the base and then returns. Any ides?
  6. Hi, I have a Windows Media Player activex object on my frontpanel and I want to change the size of that video view programticly while the VI is running. I have checked out the propertie node and I can set the position but not the bounds. The help say's: (of the wmp/GObject) "You cannot use this propertie to change the size of an object. To change the size of a object programmatically, use a more specific properties such as Text Width or Plot Area:Size." What property should I use and were can I find it?
  7. Thank you, I found it and it works great. Anyone know if I can rearange objects on the frontpanel (i.e move to front/move to back and so on..) programticly?
  8. Hi and thank you. But I cant find that property node 'Primary Workspace'. I have looked under Function Pallete >> Application Control but no Display to be found in that menu/pallete. Im a looking at the wrong place? Im using LW 8.2
  9. How do I get the screen resolution from a VI? I need to know the current resolution of the screen the vi is running on. How can I do this?
  10. Hi, In the 'Finite Pulse Train(NI-TIO).vi' how can I count the number of pulses that have been generated so far when the vi is running? i.e lets say I connect this vi to generate 10 000 pulses to a stepper motor and wants to track its position. How can I do this? Is it possible? //goran
  11. The test above is on a NI PCI-6036E daq card. I choosed NRA becuase it gives the closest result. How can I check what method the trad-daq example uses? I dont think its a drift in the hardware, it doesnt matter if I let the examples runs 3s or 10min, the result is the same. We have connected pressure sensors to the daq hardware. In column 3 for example, the result in traditional example is about 16511 and in the mx example 17320, i think that is a big difference. The 2 first columns is the preassure and the rest is voltage. On the traditional vi 'AI Read.vi' I can get both unscaled (what
  12. Im using labview 7.1 and I have used traditional daq but Im going to switch to daq MX for sampling data. I have created 2 vi's, one for MX and one for the traditional daq, but they dont give me the same values/data. Any ideas how I can fix this? Se attached files for the block diagrams and front panels for the vi's.
  13. I tried to recreate Dan's vi with lw 7.1 but I cant get it to work, I get a error at the 'Call Library Function Node', the error is LabVIEW: AN exception occured within the external code called by a Call Library Node. Can someone please look at Dan's vi and mine and spot the error, I use this fucntion prototype unsigned long GetDriveTypeA(CStr arg1); in the Call Library Node, is that right? I guess not
  14. QUOTE (Anders Björk @ Nov 13 2008, 11:03 AM) I have written a vb script that works, it just echos the drive letter, but how can I use this script in labview or port it to labview g language? Im using version 7.1 of labview
  15. How can I find the path/drive letter to a usb memory stick from labview? I would like to autosave data to the memorystick but sometimes it got a diffrent drive letter so I cant use a static path i.e asume that "S:" is the usb memorystick. I dont need to detect when its inserted, I just want to know the path/drive letter when the data should be saved to the stick. I tried the "list directory" vi and looked at the mounted volymes, and identified the usb stick with a hiddenfile in the root dir, but that doesnt seems bulletprof. You cant use any memorystick, it have to be prepared with that hidde
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