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  1. i was able to get some results with m&a... the digital side will provide +5v and a tiny, tiny voltage. the analog side seems like it will do the trick even better for me. one of the signals will be used to run a thermocouple/accelerometer (memsic 2125 by parallax... a really cool little bugger) and the other will run a solid state relay that runs at 2.5mA. that is to run a motor. i'm not totally set on the relay part of the setup. i'll look into the tips you guys have provided. i've got a pretty good start, now i've got to start working on the actual coding and design stuff. thanks a bunch
  2. QUOTE (Anders Björk @ Sep 23 2008, 12:49 PM) thanks. i'll give that a try ~B.
  3. sorry. i was not specific at all... i have tried DAQassistant and the tests in measurement & automation. there is no relay connected so far, but the eqiupment i plan to use is very low current. so far, i have tried to create signals and pick them up with a voltmeter and a scope. i can't see anything coming out. in DAQassistant, there aren't a lot of controls to play with on the digital side (i don't even see a place to change the voltage). i think i'm totally lost...
  4. i'm trying to use labview to output a +3.3 and +5V DC signal for relay control. i can get the usb6008 to read signals, but it just seems to not want to output a signal. i've played with digital and analog output, and gotten nowhere. i think i'm just missing something stupid. can anyone give me a start on what i should be doing? thanks ~B.
  5. QUOTE (TobyD @ Aug 15 2008, 01:38 PM) sure thing. i used lots of sub vi's (and sub sub sub... etc. vi's) to save time as opposed to starting completely from scratch, and don't want to clutter things by posting everything. if it will help though, i would gladly post everything i've got. as for a screen shot... http://lavag.org/old_files/monthly_08_2008/post-12275-1218841563.jpg' target="_blank"> the stacked sequence to the left is p1 (i want it to start first and run until stopped) and the beefy one on the right is p2 (for RUS; should start after p1 and tells p1 when to stop). it's m
  6. hello, i am new to this forum and fairly new to LabView. i have been using previous programming knowlege to feel my way through LabView (with a little sweat, a lot of tears, and some blood - other people's blood - i have been able to do most of what i need, although not in the prettiest fashion). i appologize if this is a stupid question. i'm really over a barrel. the goal: I am trying to synchronize two sub-proccesses. i want the first one to start collecting data from a "ni usb 6008" and loop until stopped. shortly after, i want another proccess to start running multiple RUS scans. once thi
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