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  1. gleichman, jasonw, thanks for replying. I want the objects from the sub vi to show on the front panel and they do - but they don't react when pressed. I've uploaded screenshots of a very simplified GUI I'm using. It's basically a tab control, and on each tab I intend to have objects from different sub-vi's. main gui.jpg - the GUI. img capture sub vi.jpg - the sub VI. The sub VI captures an image from a USB camera and saves it as a BMP file when a button is pushed. It also displays the captured BMP file. I want two things to display on the main GUI; the button to activate the capture, and a display of the captured image. Therefore I've wired these up as an input and output on the connector pane. As I say, the VI (and the other's ive made) will work stand alone. But when I try to incorporate it into a tabbed GUI it doesn't. Any ideas? Thanks for your time peeps.
  2. Hi, I've got quite a few working VI's now... and I'd like to add them as a Sub VI's to a larger VI which is basically a user interface. I know how to access the icon pane and connect my inputs and outputs to the terminals but whenever I insert any of these VI's into the user interface VI they never work! They all work stand-alone, but not when incorporated into the interface VI. Why would this be? Thanks.
  3. Hi all! Apologies for the late reply but I've been busy and also a bit ill! But I'm fine now. Anyway, I just though I'd post the solution I found incase anyone else has the same problem as myself - see attached. So here's what it does... (it's probably extremely simple for all you experts!) When the button is pressed it will retrieve and image from a USB camera using IMAQ and save it in BMP format using the filename specified in the dialog box. Simple as! Hopefully someone will find this useful, and many thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread.
  4. QUOTE (Ton @ Oct 22 2008, 09:54 AM) Cheers for the replies, sorted it.
  5. Hi, I've mistakenly saved over a function from the NI Vision package... and as it is, it doesn't work any more! Is their any way I can get it back to the default without having to completely reinstall LabVIEW again? Cheers.
  6. QUOTE (Neville D @ Oct 21 2008, 06:33 PM) Yes I do Neville. I see a file called "IMAQ Write File 2", but I've been unable to get it workin properly. It will only let me enter a fixed filepath. I wish it to prompt me where to save the file each time I request an image. Many thanks.
  7. Hi everyone, I'm brand new to LabVIEW, and I'm having a few problems getting my head around what appears to be very basic function in LabVIEW (8.5.1). I'm working with machine vision and imaging and have the Vision addon pack for LabVIEW. I'm trying to learn by using VI's that have a similar function to my needs, and adapting them. So, I've installed the IMAQ USB drivers to let me use a USB webcam as my input. I've also found some very useful code on this website that lets me continuously acquire images, see attached. What I need to do is add a feature to allow me to save whatever is on the screen as a BMP. When I press a button ("Save BMP" for example) I need the program to capture whatever is on screen as a BMP and ask me where to save the file. It seems a very simple in theory, but I've spent a few days playing around with no success! Can anyone help me get this working please, it's driving me nuts! Many thanks.
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