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  1. i'm a little bit confuse about this.. can you show me what steps must i do to watch a simple vi from another PC ,via internet? web publishing tool gives me an address like http://mypc/simple.vi but this address is a local . maybe i must change "mypc" to current ip address like
  2. thank you very much! i will check the file , but fisrt i have to install 8.6v because my labview is an older version.
  3. hello , is it possible to watch a VI from internet? i made a simple VI and i want to watch it from everywhere. i have done some tries without result. can you help me?
  4. yes,i have made a test before,run in Labview or Hyper. suddenly,i have no contact with software!!! anyway, i will search for something else ...
  5. problems never ends!! well, i download a program-spy-watch-serial data. i have done a communication multi and software and i wanted to saw what data sends-recieves. now, software doesn't let me communicate with multi!!! says , (check COM1 or the unit)
  6. i don't send any command. actually , when i press some "letter" my PC stucks.<br>that i'm a doing is to connect them and wait receive data.<br>normally, multimeter sends all time data over 232. thus, if i connect multi with PC i will can see data. either hyperterminal or VI can not see anything. multi and software dont have problems.
  7. i didn't make any specific code on LABVIEW. i open the example basic serial read and write.vi and just try to communicate i also try on hyperterminal without result. model of multimeter (UNI-T UT70D) i did as operating manual said: Baud rate 9600 start bit 1 (always 0) stop bit 1 (always 1) data bits 8 parity none ................................ is there anything else to check?
  8. hello ... i have bought a multimeter and i tried to upload values to Labview this multimeter has own software to read and represent values But i did an effort to build my own software to take and show values. actually , i made the simpliest communicate on RS232 without result. do you think that data have a codification or something? is there anyone who did that before? if you want i can upload manual of multimeter.
  9. i'm very happy to see you again!!!!
  10. thanks for answer Dan!! i send from my microcontroller 10 periods = 250 values. when labview takes the last value,then appears the result and wait for another 250 values .my problem is that i don't want to run continusly i want to take 250 values ,calculate ,and then wait to take other 250 values. if i can reset tables every 250 values ??? one thought is to add to more cases ,as example "S" for beginning and "W" at the end at the "S" i will do ENABLE table and at "W" i will do RESET table... is it possible to do this automatically??? i hope to understand... 3000000 is "byte to read " is very high because data are too many! when i put it at smaller value i have bad signals!!
  11. Hi everyone, I am trying to finish my project with pic and labview through serial port and i have been stucked in something and i want your help. I use cases to saperate three chanels that i am taking from the pic and send them from the serial port to labview. My problem is that i want the program to start making calculations when i send it one letter for example "S" (as start), S CaseA CaseB CaseC CaseA CaseB CaseC (pause_labview wait for the next start) S CaseA CaseB CaseC CaseA CaseB CaseC......somethink like this. Furtheremore as you can see i have to calculate the rms value of the three chanels. As you can see the value of rms is always changing but i want to see this value every 250 new values of my signal.
  12. v_pan

    estimate Power

    hello .... i send from microcontroller via rs232 2 signals (take them from sensors) Volt and Current ..i can plot them and store them.. so far so good..no problem! i can also estimate reactive power S=P + iQ the problem is how i estimate average POWER (real) one idea is to multiply V*I (any sample) then pass to Low Pass Filter at 5Hz and that i receive is real power (sounds simple!) i test it on simulate signals and works great but labview don't recognize my two "signals" as signals! what can i do for this? do you have any idea?
  13. i will use a PIC microcontrolle that supports USB2.0 hardware.i will make software of USB protocal . so, output from PIC will be a usb cable (not rs232 to usb converter) and i 'll plug it to one of my usb2.0 port on my computer in that case, will LABVIEW recognise this PORT as serial(COM4 for example) or usb? can i increase speed that way? thanks for answer!!
  14. hello everybody.. i made a project based on microcontroller and communicate with 232. my baud rate is at 115200bps and proved to be very poor for what i want to do. i'm thinking to change my communication to usb2.0 (microcontroller support ) my question is .. if i do this ,do i have to change my program on labview? i mean .. now i select COM1 to communicate with micro after change this the only thing i have to do is to change COM1 to COM4 for example? and increase baud rate or i have to do more things on program>?
  15. thanks a lot DanDefriese,again! i upload an example just to see how represent the data. this time i put 6 different graphs and i can see all plotting.
  16. I have made many changes and finally I managed to finish it and it works fine. However, the minimum delay that it works correctly is at 5ms. If I need to reduce it what I have to do;(e.g 10,100us).
  17. i'm not so sure if i have done the right changes i think that i have done wrong connections when it's runs the case loop (that represent A,B,C plots) is always "0" and i don;t see nothing plotting! but i noticed "read buffer" takes the right values . printf function from pic printf ("A%d\n",lut); printf ("B%d\n",lut1); printf ("C%d\n",lut2); what have i done wrong? thanks Dan DeFriese for your significantly help!!
  18. i made some changes in VI and now seems to work! represent and negative numbers! (for some reason cannot upload .bmp to see it) this is for one signal I want to use cases so as to saperate 2-3 signals. For example, when I sent from the serial "A30" the programe will recognise that the number 30 have to store to the first file. When I sent "B45" the programme will store the number 45 to the second file etc. I have done a similar programe to recognise numbers, not srings. Can I do that? any idea?
  19. i was sending over hyperterminal that you was wrote and worked fine i did not putted delays and program did not confused i didn't maked "scan from string "work. i noticed that when i had labview and C code delay 10ms works fine.(and #byte read at 20) now another problem that generate is how represent negative numbers! i sent int lut[6]= {10 20 30 -20 -10 } for(i=1,i<=5 i++){ printf("%d \n",lut)} .......................... 10 20 and 30 plotted -20 -30 not!! can i fixed it on labview or can i try to fixed it on C code? what is your opinion?
  20. Thank you very much for your help. This programme works fine by now. You may notice that I made a modification to your programme. Instead of showing a character i made it to show a number. One problem that now appears is that when I am going to send some bytes every little time lets say every 1ms the programme confuses and it shows wrong values. Can you think something to solve this problem???? What I want to do is a 12-bit ADC convert from my microcontroller and represent this bits as a number to a figure. Is that programme good or I have to make another one ?
  21. thank you for your answer Dan DeFriese i do a simple example to verify that the character i send from microcontroller will present at read buffer my c code is while(!input(button)){ delay_ms(100); printf("a\n"); } everytime i press the button i want to see in "read buffer" character 'a' but i see differents character's everytime i press the button the right thing will be to see all time 'a' where do you think the wrong is? and something else when i increase the "bytes to read" (2,3,4....)visa error appears "blinking" when i have it constantly at 1 byte it's ok but visa error appears continually and does not appear the "a" as you can see at example (ps. over hyperterminal works fine) i hope you to understand what i mean... thank you...
  22. hello ... i'm trying to communicate from my microcontroller to send a simple printf() ,but i have problem's 1. i have an error (-1073807298 ) but i don't understand what it is .I searched at the Visa error codes and the error says "Could not perform operation because of I/O error". i'm still confuse about this 2. even with error label read buffer takes some data but it isn't the data which i send from microcontroller for example i send printf("abcd\n"); and the read buffer has different value!! (i tried the same C code to hyperterminal and everything was fine) what's going wrong? thank you...
  23. hello everybody... i'm a new user of Labview,and i have to say that i found it very interesting. i want to ask you some questions before i start a project,if anyone can help me. i will communicate with a microcontroller (Pic) the kind of connection will be via ethernet port. i did not found any example to show me the way to do this. is it possible,this kind of communication? thank you ..
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