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  1. Hey Minh Thanks a lot for the reply. I transferred my code to a PC version of labview and built the application from there. On the target computer I created a global virtual channel and installed the DAQmx drivers. The device shows up and is running. However I'm still experiencing the same error. Any insights as to what I'm doing wrong? Thanks again
  2. Hey Minh Yes I installed the latest version of DAQmxbase 3.2 on the machine I am testing the EXE file on. Do I need to include that file into the build? Thanks a lot for your reply
  3. I'm a beginner at labview and am hoping that someone with more experience would be able to spot this simple error I'm probably overlooking. I'm trying to build an executable application on labview 8.6 for mac OS. I created the project and created the application with my selected VI. Everything in the build process went smoothly however when I try to run the application I get the "200220" error stating my device identifier is invalid however I made sure of the device name on LSDAQ and the channel I'm sampling is correct. The other computer without labview that I am trying to run the applica
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