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  1. Hi Dudes and Co-Zombies,


    So i have found the solution. Departing from Modo's example about reading DDE-Data from Orbitron, i used the formatstrings. After the tutorial at: http://www.ni.com/white-paper/4531/en/   i was able to get it work and revert the process:





    DDE Server orbitron


    LV Propagator

    HDSDR accepts DDE-data for the Downlink frequency from Orbitron. 
    So i maide LabVIEW pretending it were the Orbitron DDE - Server
    (same Source, object and item-link).


  2. Where is the zombie smiley?



    I know  that  this topic is a realy old one - but there is no other one on the net about DDE, LabVIEW and orbital propagation....

    So realy need to find a way to test my LabVIEW propagator "in real!",

    could some LabVIEW engineers or some of the other survivng Zombies help me with this?  :-)



    A reportage about my previous project:


  3. Hello Modo,


    Thank you for this interesting Vi. It worked perfectly. Now what i need is the reverse!

    Currently i wrote an SGP4 Propitagator for Satelittes in Low earth orbit and i need to send azimut, elevation, up and downlonk frequency to a program called HDSDR using a Fun Cube pro+ SDR-Stick.

    HDSDR can obtain DDE-data from Orbitron via the myDDE.exe (the orbitron dde driver), so what i intend to do is sending the labview data via myDDE.exe.

    How could i do this using the DDE.lbb from labview?



    Sacha J. Tholl

  4. Antoine, I actually tried your code, but I did not figure out how to capture the new message from your package.

    In Skype4COM, there is a 'Message' interface which can return the message info, such as the sender info, message status, etc. But the problem is it returns all the messages sent by any specific sender. I have to manually go through each message and mark it 'read' so I can tell if any new message is received.

    A little complicated. Don't know if that's the correct way to do it. Can you help?


    dear menghuihantang,


    Currently i am trying to find out how to receive skype messages into a labview code. The Message interface is definitively where we have to look on. Some times it works, some times not. Would you mind to show me your code so far, so i could compare yours with mine, trying to find the solution?


    With best regards

    Sacha Tholl from Germany

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