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  1. ...LOL! My first steps in Video aquisition, with a usb video camera Lib from Pete Parente...
  2. Okay.... this was 2006. At that time i was a student, willing to do lots of funny experiments with LabVIEW...8 years later, i look older but i still love to try and try and try :-)
  3. Hi Dudes and Co-Zombies, So i have found the solution. Departing from Modo's example about reading DDE-Data from Orbitron, i used the formatstrings. After the tutorial at: http://www.ni.com/white-paper/4531/en/ i was able to get it work and revert the process: HDSDR accepts DDE-data for the Downlink frequency from Orbitron. So i maide LabVIEW pretending it were the Orbitron DDE - Server (same Source, object and item-link).
  4. sacha tholl

    example codes

    example codes
  5. LoL, I know that this topic is a realy old one - but there is no other one on the net about DDE, LabVIEW and orbital propagation.... So realy need to find a way to test my LabVIEW propagator "in real!", could some LabVIEW engineers or some of the other survivng Zombies help me with this? :-) A reportage about my previous project: http://future.arte.tv/de/gesichter-der-zukunft#article-anchor-11256
  6. dear menghuihantang, Currently i am trying to find out how to receive skype messages into a labview code. The Message interface is definitively where we have to look on. Some times it works, some times not. Would you mind to show me your code so far, so i could compare yours with mine, trying to find the solution? With best regards Sacha Tholl from Germany
  7. Question: "Why do you write programs that the world doesn't need?" Answer: "Because it's cool and it works!!" :-)

    1. sacha tholl

      sacha tholl

      ...and just by the way Thomas Watson, chairman of IBM thought in 1943, that the world would probably not need more than 5 computers :-)

    2. jcarmody


      I write 'em because I need 'em.

  8. Question: "Why do you write programs that the world doesn't need?" Answer: "Because it's cool and it works!" :-)

  9. Just doing some coding on Digitsreader 2nd

  10. sacha tholl

    Online OCR Of Digital Displays

    During a project, i had to evaluate the drying propreties of collagenous dispersions.To do so, i had nothing else that i could use but an old balance without any rs232 interface or so. On the other hand i knew that the drying process could have at least a duration of about 48hours and i wanted to record the loss of weight until a constant weight in the equilibrium state (dry) has been reached as this is considerated that the process is finished at the point where you are in an equilibrium state with the moisture of the athmosphere. To do so i wrote an application capable of recording the digits of the balance and translate it into Numbers (floating-point) The application is reading the video stream captured by the old VHS cam. By using of the ocr features of the NI Vision package i let the LED Numbers to be translated in floating point numbers.
  11. My RCX Robot (Mindstorms) should have a neural network...lets see

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