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  1. QUOTE (orko @ Nov 20 2008, 11:14 AM) Orko, The classic graph is still not what what I'm looking for. I've found an example VI. See the attachment. This example has no border at all around the graph. The classic graph uses a flat panel border instead of a raised panel. But it still has a border. thanks!
  2. Charts created on my system appear to be sitting on raised panels. I see pictures in LabVIEW books that show charts sitting directly on the background "canvas?". I like that better. How do I get rid of those funky looking raised panels? I also see LabVIEW screens that have controls grouped together inside nicely chiseled frames with rounded corners. The frame is a thin line that surrounds the controls. The frame might have a label inside a gap on the upper left-hand corner of the chiseled line. This looks great. How is it done?
  3. My first experience creating a subVI is failure . The first use of the subVI works fine. But when I create a second instance they interact with each other. They appear to share data somehow. That is, when I probe a wire inside one of the subVI instances I see values that should only be present in the other instance. I created the subvi in literally "textbook" fashion. Everything falls into place just like an example from the book "LabVIEW 8 Student Edition". My code works fine when not used in a subVI. That is, when I "cut-and-paste" the code multiple times it works correctly. But
  4. QUOTE (Charles Chickering @ Oct 21 2008, 06:50 PM) Charles, Thanks for your generous offer. But what will I learn if you do everything for me? I'll contact you directly.
  5. QUOTE (ned @ Oct 21 2008, 03:38 PM) The version of LabVIEW I have is called the "Professional Development System". It looks like it includes the application builder. I just don't know how to use it yet. The learning curve doesn't appear to be insignificant. I'll get to eventually. I'm learning everything at the moment. It's a little overwhelming. Here's an interesting http://forums.ni.com/ni/board/message?board.id=170&message.id=190080&query.id=246701#M190080' target="_blank">solution. It's not great because it requires two stop buttons in my case. (That should confuse the use
  6. QUOTE (TobyD @ Oct 21 2008, 11:49 AM) Thanks Toby, I tried your suggestion. It does in fact run the VI immediately when the program is executed. But when I click the Stop button that I have built into my VI, the toolbar containing the RUN arrow re-appears. The comments/replies to this thread lead me to conclude that most people run their VI's in "developer" mode. They don't deploy them for others to use. Either that or they have complete trust that their users won't tinker with the program. It seems crude to me to run VI's that way. I'm going to try the "project" creation method. It l
  7. Thanks for the tip on accessing VI properties. For some reason the book I'm using (LabVIEW 8 Student Edition) doesn't seem to cover this topic. Using your tip, I discovered a VI property to put the front panel "Top-Level Application" mode. This mode claims to remove the tool bar. What it actually does is remove some icons from the tool bar. The RUN arrow remains. When the RUN arrow is clicked the toolbar goes away. The application then looks just like I want. But this raises the question, how do you start a VI without using the RUN arrow? Is there a way to start LabVIEW in run mode? Is there
  8. Can LabVIEW be run without the menu and toolbar at the top of the page? Do you have to display the LabVIEW splash page on startup? Is there a way to start an application without the "Run" arrow in the toolbar? I want to be able to create an icon on the desktop that runs my application without becoming a LabVIEW advertisement. I don't necessarily want to hide the fact that it's LabVIEW. I'd just prefer it to be a little less conspicuous.
  9. QUOTE (PaulG. @ Oct 18 2008, 02:26 PM) Everything is fine, PaulG. Glad you cleared that up. I know the feeling. I said something once that didn't come out right :headbang: Been there, done that. Hear yea, everyone! PaulG is a nice guy that stands firm on his convictions! km4hr
  10. QUOTE (PaulG. @ Oct 16 2008, 09:23 PM) IP security is not my goal. I'm building a LabVIEW application that will be used by students at the university where I work as undergraduate lab manager. The students will take apart (ie break) any LabVIEW application I create if it's easy to do so. I just want to reduce the chaos by making it a little harder for students to modify my work. jgcode, Thanks for your support. I've used enough forums to realize that there will always be a few paulg's around. It's no big deal. The vast majority of LAVA posters are very generous with their knowledge. t
  11. QUOTE (jgcode @ Oct 16 2008, 09:40 AM) I work for a university so perhaps I have it already. How would I know? I'll check with our license coordinator. Thank you all for helping this newbie (1 week experience) with what may seem like trivial questions. I hope to get beyond the struggling stage shortly. thanks
  12. QUOTE (jgcode @ Oct 16 2008, 05:32 AM) How is this done? Where do I go to find out? I looked around a bit and the best I can tell this requires optional (ie expensive) software. Is that correct? thanks QUOTE (Aristos Queue @ Oct 15 2008, 10:56 PM) Try this menu item: File>> VI Properties >> Protection >> Password Protected Excellent! Thank you.
  13. Aspiring labview programmer wants to know how to turn a completed VI into an application that can be run by others without leaving it wide open to modification. Is this possible? Is there an "execute-only" mode? km4hr
  14. Ad, I didn't understand your response. thanks
  15. Sorry if I missed it but I can't find advanced search. I searched for the phrase "advanced search". Here's what I got: "There are two types of search form available, simple search and advanced search. You may switch between the two using the 'More Options' and 'Simple Mode' buttons." OK, so where's the 'More Options' button? Again, sorry if it's right in front of me. I just can't see it.
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