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  1. I would like to, but the registration confirmation process seems to move very slowly, I still have yet to recieve my confirmation e-mail for that forum. Kirk
  2. I'm using the OpenG Message Queue library (thanks Jim) in my project and may have come across a bug. It appears if you try and call the "Create Response Notifier" VI (called by "Insert Msg Queue Element") too frequently, it creates duplicate names for successive identifiers... It seems to be caused by the fact that the "Get Time/Date" function used to generate the notifier name returns integer seconds, which will attempt to create identical notifier names if called more than once in the same second. I created a temporary fix by appending a random number to the end of the notifier name. Thi
  3. I am porting an application from LV 6.0 to 7.1 and having problems with the Call By Reference node. In 6.0 the Call By Reference node would automatically open the front panel for the sub-VI but in 7.1 it does not... I can't find anything in the upgrade notes that would account for this change in behavior, any ideas? Thanks, Kirk
  4. Problem solved: This is apparently a bug in version 6.0.0. Upgrading to 6.0.2 solved my problem. Kirk
  5. Could someone kindly set a new user straight on this... I need to create multiple instances of the same sub-VI to communicate with some number of identical devices on an RS485 bus. I have flailed about using a couple different methods that I have come across in my searches as follows: 1. Used a call by reference node. Result: could only create one instance of the VI. Pehaps I need to make the VI re-entrant, but what I really want is multiple independant instances of the VI... 2. Tried the OpenG "Open_VI_Clone_Reference" function but can't make anything open at all. Does anyone have so
  6. The read function on the standard TCPIP pallette looks for a CR/LF combination to terminate the message. The device I am talking to terminates with only a linefeed. The VISA approach seemed to offer more flexibility, especially since I already have serial drivers written using VISA that should be able to be easily converted to TCPIP. Kirk
  7. I am trying to figure out how to set a resource name for a TCP/IP VISA connection. From my searching, it looks like I need to set a resource name something like: TCPIP:: I have tried putting this in a String constant and Type Casting to VISA resource name, but labview (ver 6.0) bombs badly when this is executed. I have set the class of the Resource constant to the appropriate value, "TCP/IP Socket." What technology am I missing here? Thanks, Kirk :headbang:
  8. Is it possible to create (or simulate) an MDI in LabView? I would like to have a parent VI that handles common chores and some number of identical child forms for simultaneously testing multiple DUT's. I have done this previously in VB and it was a very effective interface solution. I would like to duplicate it in labview. Any ideas on setting up this front panel architecture would be appreciated. Kirk
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